For many, this cup would be filled with piping hot coffee or tea to get the day started. There’s even a popular meme that says “put your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, and handle it”. It’s actually my Screensaver. The irony is that I don’t actually drink coffee. So, the above cup is actually more representative of how I start my day; with the nutrients I need to “handle it”. Nothing more, nothing less.

This cup is also metaphoric. The cup is your business. Are you weighing it down with unnecessary filters? Coffee, sugar, and thick buttermilk pancakes. Empty calories. These are processes, products, services, or people that don’t add value. On the contrary, is your business lacking the depth or adequate resources or talent to flourish? Is it stagnant or stifled because you’ve filled your “cup” with tea and toast? Furthermore, did you make note of the saucer and table that this cup is resting upon? Look at the size of the saucer and texture of the table. Is the table empty?  If you can’t or don’t  regularly think outside of the box and evaluate internal and external characteristics, you are not leveraging key opportunities.

Your cup may runneth over, but are you getting burned or simply picking up the few small pieces that got away and moving on?

Food for thought…

I welcome your perspective in the comments.


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